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Bali power plug – Which Adapter you should carry?

In the 21st century, we simply cannot live without electronic gadgets, especially when traveling. Our phones are essential for staying connected to friends and family, and a camera is important for many to capture the sights and memories made while on holiday. Aside from these essentials, each traveler has their own electronics they can’t live without, be this a hairdryer, electric razor, electronic toothbrush, straighteners…  the list goes on. Therefore, when preparing for a vacation, making sure that your plug fits the local outlet is essential. In this article, we’ll be looking at the power plugs and voltage that Bali uses and whether you’ll need a travel adapter for your electronic products.

Bali Power Outlets: The Basic Stats

In Bali, the voltage used is 230 volts and the standard frequency used is 50 HZ. Unlike most countries, Bali power plugs are of two varieties, type C and Type F. Type C is known as the standard European plug, and its socket is compatible with both E and F plug types. Socket type F is compatible with plug types C and E and is referred to as the ‘Schuko’ plug. 

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Common Sockets Found in Bali

Plug Type C

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The standard Euro plug otherwise referred to as ‘type C’ is a commonplace plug which is used throughout Europe. In fact, the only European countries that do not use this plug are the UK, Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus. The type C plug is also the most commonly used plug worldwide, therefore, if you’re a traveler from a country which uses the type C plug, so long as your country also uses the same voltage, you needn’t worry about purchasing an adapter when travelling to Bali.

The type C Bali power plug features two wires with two round prong that are 4mm in diameter and 19mm long. It is ungrounded and it is also unpolarized. The prongs of the plug are known to be quite flexible which means that they can fit into any socket with a contact range between 4.0 and 4.8mm contacts. This plug is typically reserved for applications involving less than 2.5 amps.

It is important to note however that while type C plugs are incredibly commonplace, the use of type C sockets is not. This is because the type C socket is ungrounded and is viewed as out of date compared to its more modern socket types such as E, F, J, K, and N. In fact, due to type C sockets being ungrounded, many countries have made use of them illegal! So, why are type C plugs still so widely used? Well, as mentioned, the prongs are flexible, meaning that they work perfectly with modern sockets such as types E, F, J, K, and N.

Plug Type F

type f socket for bali

Another widely used plug type in Europe is plug F, though its use is not as widespread as that of the type C plug. Countries which commonly use plug type F include Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, as well as large portions of Eastern Europe. This plug type is most commonly called the ‘Schuko’ plug which is a shortened version of the German word for ‘safety contact’: ‘Schutzkonakt’. This is because the plug was created in Germany just after the World War One.

Visually, plug type F is very similar to type C however it has two grounding clips. The prongs on a Schuko plug are 4.8mm in diameter and 19mm in length. Schuko plugs are unpolarized and they are most commonly used in appliances that utilize no more than 16 amps. Type F plugs can fit into type E sockets.

In regard to the type F socket, both type F plugs and type C plugs can be successfully inserted. Type F sockets commonly have a 15mm recess which means that part-inserted plugs won’t be a shock hazard.

Using Electrical Appliances in Bali: Voltage Adapter

If the voltage in your home country is in the range of 220v to 240v then so long as your plug is type C or F, you can use your appliances in Bali without needing a voltage adapter. If you’re not sure about the voltage that your country uses, checking online is always a smart idea. If you’re concerned about a particular appliance, you can find out the input voltage of frequency by looking at the label that almost every electronic appliance has. Ideally you are looking for a label which states ‘INPUT: 100-240, 50-60 Hz’ as this means your appliance is universal and is safe to use worldwide. Many modern laptops, cameras, and cell phones operate in this way, but it is still good to check to avoid frying your electronics.

Travelers from the United Kingdom don’t need to worry about a voltage discrepancy in their appliances as Bali and the UK use the same voltage of 230V. However, US travelers will need to use a voltage converter on their appliances unless they are universal. This is because the USA operates on a 120V system, far less than Bali’s 230V standard.

Bali Travel Adapters

Most European travelers are unlikely to need an adapter to use their appliances in Bali. However, holidaymakers from the USA, the UK, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, and parts of Africa will need to use a plug adapter in order to operate their electronics.

Luckily, if you find yourself caught out, many villas, hotels, and holiday rentals in Bali will have an adaptor on hand for you to use, but you can’t rely on this always being the case. Making sure you bring your own travel adapter is strongly advised. Some hotels have different sockets for international travellers which are nothing like Bali power plugs.

When selecting the correct travel adaptor for use in Bali be sure to select a model that is designed to fit into a round socket, as this is what Bali uses. A square plug will not fit into a round socket, so steer clear of square plugs even if they state that they are suitable for use.

When selecting the right adapter for you, it is important to remember that a standard adaptor does not alter the voltage of the mains electricity. This means that travelers whose countries use a different voltage level, such as the USA, will need to purchase an adapter that also includes a voltage adapter, or buy a voltage adapter separately to safeguard their electronics from damage.

Adapters can be bought in Bali for as little as $2 (RP20,000). However, if you’re renting a villa or staying in Bali for a while, or if you’re a bit of a jetsetter, you might want to consider investing in a universal multi-port travel adapter such as the one pictured below. A product like this can help ensure that you’re never caught out when it comes to powering or charging your electronics when abroad.

travel adapter for bali
Most Verstatile Travel Adapter, Works in Bali Too


To quickly recap, Bali power plug operates on 230V electricity, and utilizes plug type C and F, and socket type F. If you’re a European traveler you might not require an adapter, but those in the UK and outside of Europe will likely need to invest in an adapter to use their electronics with Bali power plugs. US travelers’ electronic products will be designed to run on 120V, far less than Bali’s 230V output, meaning that a voltage converter will likely be required.

So, when it comes to travelling anywhere in the world, it is always worth researching the plugs, sockets, and voltage used in your destination. Taking the time to do so before you leave will help you avoid stress when you arrive, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday.  

You can purchase power plug adaptors at department stores in Bali for about Rp20,000 which is a bit over US$2. If you are taking several electrical appliances from home to Bali it might be worth considering buying just the one adaptor plug and having it fitted to a “home” power board of 4 outlets (see below) so you have available more convenient multiple power outlets to charge and power your appliances. Electrical equipment and appliances are generally risky buys in Bali as the warranty will probably not be honored once you get home and you will find that they aren’t that much cheaper in Bali either. An exception might be a cheap portable DVD player which will overcome the frustration of a hotel with only Indo TV programs available.


Are Bali plugs the same as Australia?

No. They are not the same. Power Supply is the same, but you need to carry an adapter.

Does Indian Charger Work in Bali?

Yes. Indian Chargers work in Bali. But you need to purchase a converter or adapter.

Is Bali Plug the same as Thailand?

No. Thailand uses different plugs.

What Does Bali Power Plug Look Like?

Bali has Type C and Type F Sockets.

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