bali itinerary 7 days

Bali Itinerary – 7 Days

Indonesia’s most famous island and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali is the westernmost province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Every year, it draws in a huge crowd owing to its breathtaking landscape, rice terraces, jaw-dropping beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and a plethora of culture and tradition. Bali welcomes a varied crowd, ranging from backpackers & honeymooners to luxury travelers. Hence you need a proper itinerary to make the most out of your trip. This 7 days Bali itinerary provides you with just the same.

This travel guide, meant for 6 nights and 7 days (6n 7d) will guide you as to how to spend your 7 days in Bali, the places you should visit and the must-have experiences.

Now before we get started, let’s take a quick look at some of the facts and details which you should know before you step out there.

A Quick Look

As we have said before, Bali is an island full of fun, frolic and adventurous experiences. The currency used here is Indonesian Rupiah which is roughly equal to 0.000073 USD. Though Indonesian is the main language, people have no problem in speaking English as well. Balinese people practice Balinese Hinduism which is a mixture of Hinduism and Shivaism.

Best time to visit

Although Bali is a destination that you can visit all year round, the best time to visit is in April, May, June, and September. Bali has two seasons, wet and dry. The wet seasons lasts from November to March and brings with it heavy rains, but not so much as to dampen your traveller spirit. The dry season lasts from April to October and is characterized by minimal rain accompanied by weeks of dry spell.

bali best season to visit

In Bali, almost every day is excellent with clear blue skies and jolly people around. Apart from that, travelling to Bali on holidays like Christmas and New Year can add a whole lot of fun to your trip.

The Ultimate Bali 7 Day Itinerary

Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at this 7-day itinerary which we have set up for you to have the ‘Ultimate Bali Experience’.

There are multiple ways to travel to Bali which include boat, plane or even a bus. The best option for foreign travelers is to land at the Ngurah Rai International Airport or the Denpasar International Airport. These both are the two names of the same airport which is located in Denpasar, 13 km away from Bali. Also, if you are coming from Java, then you can take a boat or a bus, depending on your convenience.

Day 1 – Learning to surf in Canguu

Canguu is a fairly small town in Bali which is quite popular in the surfing community. It is home to a lot of western people, who come here to reside permanently or spend a few months with leisure on the southern coast. It has a very raw vibe to it due to the absence of any resorts and is home to several black sand beaches.

Even though Canguu contains a lot of attractions ranging from cheap accommodations and Australian style cafes to Yoga, it is most famous for surfing. Though Bali has several places for surfing (thanks to a large number of beaches), Canguu is the best for Beginners.   

canggu surfing - bali itinerary

The best option for you would be to stay at the Boutique Hotel and unwind there. Then in the morning, if you are a surfer, you can go and ride the waves. Hell even if you aren’t one, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn it. You would rarely find such a place that has the right mix of waves for both beginners and adults alike.

The ideal time for surfing would be early in the morning because the wave of surfers increases as the sun rises high in the sky. The surfing spots in Canguu are located along a 5km beachfront which starts from Berawa in the southeast to Pererenan in the northwest. Berawa is the nearest spot to Kuta and the waves here are intermediate and fast. Pererenan has a nice mix of both left-hand and right-hand waves and is the least crowded of all the spots.

The Old Man’s Surf Spot is ideal for Beginners. The waves here rise as well as rollover slowly, giving you ample time to practice. After surfing, you can unwind by getting an Indonesian massage which is available for pretty cheap prices. Canggu is also full of cool restaurants and bars for you to eat, drink and relax.

Day 2 – Explore Ubud with Bicycle tour

If you have seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love featuring Julia Roberts, you will identify this spot at once. Having lush rice fields and hiding secrets in its lanes, Ubud is perhaps the most famous part of Bali. Here you will get the most authentic Bali experience.

Ubud is the centre for traditional arts and dance in Bali. It is the perfect place for relaxing, unwinding and having a spiritual experience. Surrounded by misty mountains and vast green stretches, Ubud has a very homely and calm environment.

bali itinerary - day 2 - cycling in ubud

The best way to explore Ubud is by renting a bike. There is a lot to discover by getting lost in those mysterious lanes. Who knows, you might find some hidden serene location, a new village or explore a new rice farm. Also, it gives you more freedom to travel than moving by taxi.

Bike rental here is extremely cheap. You can rent a bike at anywhere between $1.38 to $2.07 per day! After taking a bike where and how you go is all up to you. You can start from the central district which is the major commercial market and ride to the countryside. On your way, you will find some small villages which house some of the most hospitable people. They will be very happy to see and might even throw a welcome gesture as you go past them.

Ubud is so Beautiful and amazing, that it could have it own 7 days Intinerary.

People who visit Ubud

You will also encounter several temples showcasing the Balinese culture as you go by. They are generally pretty old, having a rich heritage and a calm and silent atmosphere. After spending some time at a temple or two, hop on your bike and go on again. Since Ubud is full of them, chances are, you will encounter a rice field. These can be great for just standing and soaking in the environment around you. The cool breeze and the lush greenery is sure to revitalize your soul.

Day 3 – Day trip to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is island one of the most picturesque islands, off the coast of Bali. After your second day at Ubud, you will need to take a ferry boat to Sanur or Klungkung which will take around 45-50 minutes, depending upon the traffic. From there you will need to take another ferry boat to reach the Nusa Penida. Since the ride doesn’t take much time, you can easily convert it into a day trip.

You can explore this island by either renting a scooter or by taking a taxi. Since it is not a small island, it might be a better option to rent a cab to avoid fatigue and roaming the island freely. Also since there are many winding and dangerous roads, it might be a better option to have an experienced driver with you rather than driving yourself.

If you weren’t after “Bali Itinerary 7 Days”, and had a lot more time. I would have recommended you to spend 2 Days on the Nusa Penida Island, and 2 more days on Nusa Lembongan.

Author of this Post

Nusa Penida is a big island so it will take time to explore. Though on a day trip it isn’t possible to cover each and everything, don’t worry. We have listed some of the best and most important places which can be covered in a go, and the ones you should not miss.

nusa penida - near bali
Nusa Pendia
  • Kelingking Beach – This is one of the most beautiful and scenic places on the island. From the vantage point above, you can get a splendid view of the island along with getting a glimpse of some manta rays in the water below.
  • Angels Billabong and Broken Beach – Though the way to this beach is extremely rocky and worn out, the final scene is equally beautiful. It contains a rock pool that looks like an infinity pool. You can swim here except in high tide conditions because of the sharp rocks.
  • Crystal Bay – Crystal Bay is perhaps the perfect place to wrap up your long day. It contains everything, from long sandy beaches to clear blue water and coconut trees. You can eat, sit and relax while enjoying the scenic beauty after a long day of travel.

Day 4 – Snorkelling at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the best and most popular snorkelling places in Bali. Located approximately at a distance of 1.5 hours from the airport, it is a must-visit place for beginners and experienced alike.

The snorkelling area in Blue Lagoon has a coral reef located on a sandy bottom. The reef is home to a variety of sea creatures such as moray eels, angelfish, cowfish, cattle fish, etc. Apart from being rich in marine life, this is also a great place to have an underwater photography session, thus making your day all the more memorable.

Snorkeling at Blue lagoon is so amazing, that it should be a part of Bali Itinerary for 7 Days for everyone including families or a couple on their honeymoon.


Day 5 – Shop till you drop

It would be a waste if you came to Bali and did not explore its markets. The markets here have something for everyone, ranging from branded products to handmade local items. Plus, you can always get some nice souvenirs to take back home with you as a remembrance.

shopping in Bali itinerary

Image Source: Unsplash

Here are some of the prominent shopping malls in Bali:

  1. The Seminyak Village – Located in the beach resort area of Bali, The Seminyak Villages is home to many famous brands. It is, in many ways, a heaven for shoppers. It is one of the most recent malls to come up in Bali and is pretty big, covering an area of around
  2. Kuta Beachwalk – It is located in an area of around 4 hectares and houses many famous brands, entertainment centers, and world-class restaurants.
  3. Mal Bali Galeria – This mall is located in the Simpang Dewaruci landmark and is primarily a ‘Family Mall’. It is also the centre of various activities which are planned year-round.
  4. The Bali Collection – This is located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation’s Nua Dua tourism enclave. Often touted as one of the best shopping places in Bali, it offers you a range of clothes, entertainment, accessories, and dining options.

Apart from visiting the regular malls, you can also go away from the league and explore the night markets of Bali. Some of the prominent ones are:

  1. Sanur Night Market – One of the oldest and longest-running night markets of Bali.
  2. Kuta Night Market – This is one of the most happening places offering great street food along with some amazing souvenirs.
  3. Gianyar Night Market – The best place to have cheap street food in the whole of Bali.

Basically, there is so much to shop for in Bali that instead of Bali Itinerary for 7 Days, you could easily plan an Intinerary for only shopping and not doing anything else.

There are also some art markets that offer a look into the traditional handicraft of the region. Apart from shopping, you can also visit some caves, temples or waterfalls.

The Goa Lawah temple offers a splendid view of sea Kusamba and is the seat of many traditional ceremonies that you can witness year-round. Besides this, The Elephant Cave in Ubud is also a popular tourist destination. It is an amazing Hindu temple with intricate stone carving and lush green gardens. Alternatively, you can visit waterfalls such as the Niagara Munduk in Buleleng which is also known as the Niagara falls of Bali.

Day 6 – Visit Uluwatu Temple

On the 6th day of our Bali 7 Day Itinerary, we will be visiting the Uluwatu Temple. Locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, this is one of the six temples which constitute Bali’s spiritual pillars. It located 70m above the sea level on a cliff in the western shores of the island. Apart from being a seat of spirituality, this temple also offers one of the best views of the sunset. It is also one of the most sacred places for the people of Bali, as it is believed that the powers of the three main god of Hindu mythology – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva converge here.

uluwatu temple in bali - 6th day of intinerary
Image Source: Pixabay

The location of this temple provides it with a heavenly majesty. With steps along the cliff leading up to the temple, it offers a scenic view of the Indian Ocean below, with waves crashing against the rocks. The traditional Balinese architecture with elaborate gateways and ancient idols is a sight to watch. The temple also houses an amphitheatre where you can see the traditional Kecak dance.

Reaching the temple is fairly easy. It has two entrances, one each in North and South. It contains the main shrine along with an amphitheatre. Behind the main shrine is a Brahmin statue overlooking the ocean. This is considered to be a representation of Dhang Hyang Dwijendra. Also, right below the cliff is one of Bali’s most famous spots, the Uluwatu Beach. You can spend a nice evening here, enjoying the sunset, watching a breathtaking dance performance and going back with some beautiful memories.

Day 7 – Trekking at Mount Batur

Gear up for one of the most adventurous treks of your life. Though it is the most active volcano of Bali, Mount Batur has some splendid views to offer at the top which makes it worth everything. It is located 5600 meters above sea level and last erupted in the year 2000. It also acts as one of the best sunrise points in all of Bali.

In last couple of years, there have been threats in bali of an active volcano. That Volcano was Mt. Agung and shouldn't be confused with Mt Batur.

Besides being an adventurous trekking site, it is also a very sacred mountain for Hinduism. On your way back, you will come across many coffee plantations where you can have a taste of traditional Balinese coffee. You can also see how coffee is made and also get to sample some local herbs. Also, if you want, you can have Coffee Luwak which is the most expensive coffee in the world.

mt batur volcano trekking bali holiday
View of Mt. Batur Volcano from Far

What are you waiting for?

While you stay in Bali, there are many ways in which you can spend the night. Apart from visiting the local night markets, you can have a taste of some exotic food at the beach. Many small parties and celebrations are regularly organized where you can mix with the crown and have fun.

You can also visit a nightclub in Seminyak, which is known for its nightlife. Daily events and celebrations are organized in various clubs for you to enjoy. Also, some nightclubs offer discounted drinks for some time at night which might make for a good deal.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to take a Balinese massage. While it might be a good idea to take it at any point in time during your travel, taking it just before you have to leave Bali has its own refreshing feeling. It leaves you calm, satisfied and much more in love with this place.

So now that your Bali itinerary for 7 days is ready, what are you waiting for?

Book your tickets, pack your bags and come fall in love with this beautiful land.

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