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Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud

Ubud is well-known by travelers and locals alike to be Bali’s heartland for tasty and healthy vegan food. From sit down restaurants, to light bites, and meals-to-go, Ubud can offer a delicious cruelty-free dining option to suit every mood, need, and picky palette. In this article, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best vegan restaurants in Ubud.

Zest Ubud

  • Location: Jl Raya Penestanan Kelod No.8, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 823 4006 5048/ /
  • Open daily 8 am to 10 pm
  • Best Features: Beautiful design, weekly events schedule

Zest Ubud isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a hub of activities. There are a variety of weekly events you may wish to take part in when you visit, including a woman’s circle, sacred earth circle, Sunday sunsets, women’s workshops, food workshops, visiting lecturers, and more. Personally, we’d highly recommend trying to attend the Sunday sunset, as you’ll be greeted with excellent food, local music, and a stunning view of the setting sun. If you do visit, it is sure to be one of the most memorable points of your Balinese adventure.

meal at a vegan restaurant in ubud
Vegan Meal at Zest Ubud
zest ubud vegan restaurant
Zest Ubud – Beautiful View

In terms of the food on offer, Zest Ubud doesn’t disappoint! They have an extensive menu that is packed with all manner of tasty vegan options. The meals are hearty and vibrant and presented so perfectly you’ll definitely want to take a snap or two before digging in! A particularly popular option with guests is the ‘hugs in a bowl’ which are filling vegan comfort foods such as the ‘Bali Breeze’ which features beans dressed with garlic and sauerkraut in a rich peanut dressing including tamarind and Balinese spices. This decadent mixture is then topped off with meaty pulled jackfruit and fermented cassava. This dish is perfect after a long and busy day exploring Ubud’s streets, it is filling, authentically Balinese, and at IDR 89K is affordable too! These filling, delicious meals will satisfy any craving you have, yet are still healthy. Eating here is sure to be a highlight of your holiday. This should be the first vegan restaurant in Ubud you visit as it offers you the whole package.

Zest’s desserts, including waffles, smoothie bowls, and remixed lattes, are also something you should certainly try after your delicious main course, maybe while watching the beautiful Balinese sunset.


  • Location: Jl Penestanan Kelod No.75, Sayan, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 361 971 981/ /
  • Open daily 7 am to 9 pm
  • Best Features: Raw foods, customizable salad bowls

Alchemy in Ubud paved the way for Bali’s raw foods scene. In 2011 it was the first organic, vegan, and 100% raw food restaurant in Bali, and it has been a mainstay in Ubud’s vegan cuisine scene ever since. Like Zest Ubud, Alchemy has worked hard to expand their offerings from simple food, and have carved out their own niche. They are well-known for the juice cleanse sets they offer – which may be something to try if you’re planning to make an extended stay in Bali. They also sell two cookbooks, which can make a great gift for yourself or loved ones back home and can help you recreate the taste of your adventure whenever you want to.

vegan cake in ubud alchemy
Raw Vegan Cake
vegan soup toppings in ubud
Soup Toppings

One of the things that Alchemy is most well-known for is their vegan chocolates. They make a variety of different types and flavors daily, and the confections they produce do not include any white or refined sugar. Furthermore, they only use 70% cocoa sourced from the finest organic cacao available. These chocolates are great to take away to enjoy back in your hotel or villa! If you are looking for vegan restaurants in Ubud that offer cakes, then your search ends at Alchemy.

Alchemy is best known for their ‘build-your-own’ salad bars, priced at an affordable IDR 69K for a choice of four of their large range of toppings. Salads are a great choice when traveling around Ubud and Bali, as they fill you up, and energize you, but don’t sit heavily in your stomach, meaning you can enjoy the rest of your day’s itinerary without feeling weighed down. Their cold-pressed juices and smoothies also make a great accompaniment to your meal.


  • Location: Gang Damai, Sayan, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 813 3977 4787/
  • Open daily 9 am to 10 pm
  • Best Features: Practices permaculture, on-site dojo, culinary classes

Moksa is another example of a vegan restaurant being more than just a place to eat, but an experience also. We recommend visiting on a Tuesday or Saturday as this is when Moksa hosts its farmers market, where you can get your hands on delicious fruits and veggies handpicked and grown in Moksa’s own permaculture garden. When it comes to fresh food, it doesn’t get fresher than what Moksa has to offer! These delectable hand-grown delights are perfect for bringing back to wherever you’re staying for a sumptuous and healthy snack. Alternatively, you could arrive on a Wednesday or Friday for a cooking class hosted by executive chef Made Runatha. If you’re looking for something more active, you will also not be disappointed, as Moksa even has an on-site dojo where yoga and martial arts classes are held. It’s one and only vegan restaurants in Ubud that also offers such activities.

In terms of food, Moksa doesn’t disappoint in terms of variety either. From a range of refreshing drinks including pharmacy shoots and mocktails to raw and heated food options, including popular choices such as Asian spring pasta and jerky mignon, you might find you need to visit Moksa more than once to truly soak up all this great location has to offer. Many tourists find they want to visit over and over, as once is not enough to experience everything this amazing place can provide. 

Moksa is so popular that people from all over bali, including Seminyak, nusa dua, kuta, etc are willing to drive to this place just to experience the ambiance.

Sayuri Healing Food

  • Location: Jl Sukma No. 2, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 361 908 0385/
  • Open daily 7 am to 10 pm
  • Best Features: Raw and free-from, classes available.

Sayuri Healing Food is dedicated to creating an environment that channels and encourages ‘KUU’: the Zen word for flow, interconnection, and essence. Sayuri Healing Food offers more than just a dining experience, they offer culinary classes and yoga classes too, which are designed to get you closer to your own state of ‘KUU’.

One of the best things about Sayuri Healing Food is that most of the food is raw, and all of the food served is plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and soy-free; which is quite an impressive feat considering the range of dishes offered and how delectable they taste.

Sayuri Healing Food chooses to keep its dishes simple, letting the carefully selected ethical and organic produce speak for itself. The traditional Chinese practice of Ayurveda is also strongly upheld within the cooking process and the creation of Sayuri Healing Food’s menu, with the ultimate aim being for diners to ‘align with nature’ to nourish mind, body, and soul.

This restaurant offers both dine-in and delivery options, making it accessible for even the most tightly-packed itineraries. As with most vegan restaurants in Ubud, Sayuri Healing Food closely follows macrobiotic principles, therefore having a wide range of drink options such as smoothies, juices, and healing shots. They also offer a variety of different options for all meals of the day from breakfast through to dinner.


  • Location: Jl Nyuh Bulan, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 361 976 528/
  • Open daily 8 am to 9.30 pm
  • Best Features: Calming minimalist interior, offers delivery

Sage of Ubud describes their food as ‘vibrant vegan cuisine’, and with their offerings of fresh summer salads, tacos with jackfruit, and a variety of smoothies, mocktails, and juices, it’s clear to see that they have well and truly achieved their goal! Their commitment to quality and ethically sourced ingredients means that Sage’s food is regularly able to win over even the most die-hard meat lovers. If you’re traveling in a group with mixed dietary requirements, Sage is bound to be a winner!

With 88 reviews earning Sage a 4.9-star rating online, it is clear Sage has found the perfect vegan sweet-spot with the dishes that they produce. Some standout winners among visitors include the tempeh buffalo wings, the teriyaki tempeh, and the desserts. It has been said by several guests that Sages’ gluten-free carrot cake is worth saving space for, so make sure to try that out if you have a sweet tooth!

Like Sayuri Healing Foods and many other vegan restaurants in ubud, Sage also offers take-out delivery, meaning that if you’re staying in Ubud you can get their delicious offerings delivered right to your door, for a quiet night in with delicious, plant-based food!

The Seeds of Life

  • Location: Jl Gootama No.2, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 361 970 650
  • Open daily 8 am to 10 pm
  • Best Features: Raw food classes, artisan Chinese Teas

The Seeds of Life defines itself as a raw food cafe and Taoist tonic bar, but in reality, what is offered here is so much more than that. The Seeds of Life offers raw food culinary classes and retreats to learn about yoga and raw food. The cafe doesn’t just replicate popular, ethnic dishes in vegan and raw food format, they also work hard to regularly create new raw food dishes you’re guaranteed to never have tasted before. The innovation of this magical place is sure to make it a winner on your Bali trip.

The Seeds of Life is one of the unique vegan restaurants in Ubud to have a ‘Taoist Tonic’ bar. This is the place to go to experience the benefits of the ancient Taoist Tonic Herbal System, which is a little known system of herbology with a history of over 5,000 years. At the tonic bar the Chinese, Ayuverdic and Jamu health systems are fused together to create concoctions that are naturally beneficial to health and longevity. Alongside this, the Seeds of Life also offer a selection of probiotics, kefir, and kombucha.

The Seeds of Life is most well-known for its variety of traditional Chinese teas. Some of these teas even have a pedigree stretching back hundreds of years – so definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience in Ubud!

Sakti Dining Room

  • Location: Puri Ahimsa Banjar Baturning, Mambal, Ubud
  • Contact: +62 361 469 206/
  • Open daily 7 am to 11 pm
  • Best Features: Award-winning, stunning location

If you’re looking to eat your meal while gazing over a stunning vista, then look no further than Sakti Dining Room. This award-winning restaurant champions ‘eco-luxury’ using sustainably sourced materials to create a location that feels as far from rustic as possible. The food served here is created following Epicurean belief, which is a philosophy created by Epicurus advocating the focus on pleasure and the avoidance of pain, as well as a life devoted to pleasure and luxury. The hedonistic experience of Sakti Dining Rooms is not to be missed.

This stunning and luxurious vegan restaurant in Ubud is the perfect location for honeymooners visiting Ubud, or those simply looking for a romantic spot to spend time with their loved one. As all the food served at the Sakti Dining Room is environmentally friendly and sourced sustainably while supporting local farmers, you can sit back and enjoy the luxurious food presented to you without any worry of its origin.

In 2016 the Sakti Dining Room won two awards, the first being the World Luxury Restaurant Award for the Best Gourmet Vegan Cuisine, and the second being the Luxury Travel Guide Award for the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Ubud.

When eating at Sakti Dining Room, it is recommended that you select the 3, 5, or 7-course Signature Chef’s Specialty Tasting Menu, as this will give you a true taste of Balinese luxury vegan food. For those wanting more control over what they eat however, Sakti Dining Room also has an exciting a la carte menu that has been specifically designed to appeal to a wide array of palates, meaning that even the pickiest eater can indulge in the epicurean delights served.

Simplicity, Luxury, Traditional

As you can see from our brief discussion of some of the best-loved vegan restaurants in Ubud, there is something on offer for everyone. From simple, minimalist surroundings, such as Sayuri Healing Foods, to grand luxury and opulence, like Sakti Dining, to the taste of the traditional, in the teas offered by The Seeds of Life, no matter what your mood, vibe, or aesthetic is, you’re guaranteed to find your new favorite foodie haven that you’ll be salivating over for years to come!

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